Wednesday, 13 September 2017

How to Get Best Software Development Company For Your Business?

Well, you need not worry anymore! We all know that both small and large companies are interested in mobile applications to create greater mobility of business. Though some big companies have their own IT team of specialists, not all companies can manage to keep one. In this case, such companies must rely on the services of a software development company that adapts to the mobility needs of the target customers.

Following are some simple rules to follow while hiring a software development company in Noida:

Look for the previous work 

As in any other field, software development too requires good experience to develop customized successful software, as per client's needs. The more experience a company has, the more polished and expert services it offers. So, you must check the previous work of the software development company you're interested in. A good company must ensure rich experience in creating applications for all major mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows

Dedicated services
Before finalizing the services of a particular software development company in Noida, check if the company is ensuring software development based on dedicated mobile interests. For example, the company should be available for communication all the time. That is, there must be a channel of constant communication between both the parties so as to clarify all client's queries and concerns.

You must be offered equal or better services to what you're paying for. Therefore, check the list of services software development company in Noida will offer to you, before singing a written agreement. Also, check carefully if there are any hidden clauses that may later on create trouble in action. Further, a good software development company will offer extra perks along with the basic service. The perks can be in the form of discounts, offers, extra services, etc. So take your time and find companies that offer fast quality services at cost effective rates.

By following the above given rules of selection, you will definitely be able to choose the right company software development company, as per your business goals and needs. Keep in mind, in this world of huge competition, good software may transform your business for huge success and vice-versa. So take no chance and be in no hurry while selecting a company.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Newton ERP Software For Food Industry, Food Industry Business ERP Software

Importance of Food Software

Food and beverage industry is considered to be a very competitive business. Many companies strive to provide best quality so that they can achieve success in this business. To be successful, these companies need integration system with full functionality. The companies have to update themselves with the new technology food service software to improve their food and beverage industry. The food software available for food industries come with many functionalities due to which many of their daily tasks get over with accuracy. The quality of food and service is easily maintained with the help of food software. Below mentioned are the products of the company providing food software, Nippon Data Systems

 Newton ERP Software for Food Industry

 Nippon Data Systems Newton ERP software for food industry helps in handling variety of sales order processes including EDI, shadow orders, spot orders including DSD and POS systems integration. It plans material and its production and integrates recommendations for a purchase order system. This food software manages sales orders including discount structures, commissions, pricing, order rules etc. It records production output and consumption of raw materials.  Newton ERP business software for food industry is integrated to RF scanning devices and so it can provide inventory management as well as ware house management system. This food software also consists of food safety system which follows strict food safety requirements. 

Food Safety Software

 Newton Food safety software follows a discipline which handles, prepares and storages food in such a way that it prevents illness caused from unhygienic food. The food safety software consist number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards. Food can transmit diseases in individuals which serves as a medium of growth for bacteria that causes food poisoning. Food safety is of utmost importance to issues involving food products like meat, vegetables etc. The role of food safety and a safe food supply chain is a clear focus for Newton Nippon Data Systems . No other food software company takes food safety as seriously as we do.

Product Life Cycle Management Software

Newton  Product life cycle management software follows a set of business processes and supporting tools which help firms to improve the way they manage their product development. This software helps in documentation management, retain all records associated to the R&D process from concept to production ramp-up.

Food Quality Reporting Software

Our food quality reporting software has latest advanced features which help you in taking daily decisions associated with your business. This food software has full dashboard capabilities based on Finance, Sales, Inventory, Production, and Quality views. It has integrated plug-in for MS Excel allowing your employees to create and run reports against the ERP system in real-time. The food quality reporting software provided by Nippon data System ERP Software , links to SQL Server reporting services, allowing full reporting access via SharePoint.

Newton will help you build business with confidence. With Newton you will get more with what you have with effective business management.More performance. More Value. More productivity. Newton Solution will help you trace any finished goods lot to raw material, machines and people. You will be able to maintain complete transparency across the entire value chain. We have the ERP for food industry. Newton will help you plan your procurement based on orders in hand and business plan. You will reduce the capital tied-up in inventories and improve profitability. With complete tracking of production process, Newton will help you monitor resource efficiency, effect of raw material attributes and quality on the yield, monitor lot costing based on standard bill of materials.With Newton you will be able to get more out of your assets. With complete integration of processes you will be able to improve their availability, performance and utilization. With preventive maintenance and job order handling, you are always in control of your key assets.With Newton you are guaranteed lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership to build your revenue and increase your margins.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

How Does Best CRM Software Help to Build Relationship With Customers?

How Does Best CRM Software Help to Build Relationship With Customers?

How Does Best CRM Software Help to Build Relationship With Customers?

The Newton CRM software is the backbone for e-commerce business where it plays significant role in performing everyday activities. It helps the agent to record whole interaction with customers. So, when the customer makes call once again, it can be recognised easily and proper customer service can also be provided to the customer.

NEWTON CRM is a unique, state of the art for businesses to manage and automate various crucial business functions. Vision of the solution is to automate all non-financial and financial needs of business which are obstacles in growth and consume extraordinary resources. It has been built on a vision to automate various sales and sales related administrative functions of any business through a single window platform As evident from the name NEWTON, the invention is assisting large number of businesses in managing their day to day issues in most efficient way. Newton domain specific solutions add value to organizations business in their own language, guaranteeing quick implementation – in most cases lasting a few weeks, thus ensuring High ROI.

Customer is the one who plays crucial role in establishment of any business. They are the people who put trust in your product. Even, when they get satisfaction in terms of product quality and service, they do not hesitate to recommend their dearest and friends to try the product. Keeping the customer happy and satisfied should be the subject of topmost priority of company. And for this, you must be aware of customer needs. By keeping customer's end to end information into consideration, you can provide better service to customer. CRM software is the tool, which keeps you informed with client status.
One of the core aspects of business is to form and maintain the valuable relationship with the client. It only can be happened when you provide 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it is forming relationship with customer or retaining existing customers, Newton CRM software helps you to do it. Basically, the Newton CRM software streamlines the entire customer interaction. This software has encrypted dashboard from where entire business process can be operated easily. Keeping track record of customer information provides an opportunity to analyse the business and to focus on customers who are giving good profit to the company. You can generate a report, which can help to determine what kind of customers are buying the product, and how sales can be increased. In simple terms, you can capitalize customer information in order to increase the sale of company.

NEWTON Complaint management
Newton Complaint management function allows user to register and allocate complaints to respective department and their users. It is a CRM software whose Function allows two type of complaint management:
·         Invoice based product complaint
·         Retail complaint management
Both format of complaint management assures proactive actions by concerned departments and alerts management on escalations. System Logs complete lifecycle of any complaint allowing detail analysis on various issues of delays.
Along with these and many more useful functions Newton follows a unique three circle architecture where in all contact and its activities can be managed through single window dashboard. Centralized contact management allows user to drill down till last level on any activities without taking any reports from the system.
Service Management
Businesses selling products and supporting those with services, requires proactive actions on scheduled services. Newton sales manager takes care of those sorts of specific sales thus can alert users for planned services.
Service management module also allows to allocate service requests to respective users, while looking at their pre-scheduled services for better workload balancing. Dashboard analysis of scheduled services can provide on the fly information on status of various services.

When it comes to other benefits of Customer relationship management software, then it enables you to integrate social media networks, which helps in social media marketing. Even, social media marketing campaign also can be run in order to boost the business. Nippon Dat a Systems  offers customer-oriented and sophisticated CRM software for their clients, if you are one of such client, then head to Nippon Data newton CRM Software.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Newton ERP Software Can Improve your Company Business Performance

In short, by integrating all the departments and functions across entire organization, increasing communication, accountability and responsibility ERP software improves company's business performance. With ERP the information from one department to another passes at lightning speed and after logging onto the ERP one can see whatever information he seeks. How ERP improves company's business performance can be understood with an example. Previously if sales person takes an order he may not have any information about the warehouse or customer's history but with ERP customer service representatives have all the related information on their screen like payment performance of the customer and his credit limit from finance department, stock position of the desired product from the warehouse, shipping schedule from the logistics and he has access to even more information at just click of a button.

Enterprise resource planning brings change; implementation of ERP is not just deployment of the software which will work as company works right now. ERP will work only with efficient and productive present processes and will vanquish redundant and unproductive processes replacing them with efficient ones. It is not like accounting software which follows rules and regulations of accounts to generate the desired reports, it changes the working of the company to do the work in better way. It does not allow different departments to relax thinking if there is a problem beyond their department's wall it is somebody else's problem, it brings in responsibility and accountability for every action and decision. These changes enable ERP improve company's business performance..

 Nippon Data System ERP Software improves project management; it covers all the functional areas of any organization like manufacturing, sales and distribution, accounts payables, receivables, inventory, human resource etc. Thus it improves coordination between departments for executing any project. Another advantage with Newton ERP is its capability to help management in better decision making. Reporting through business intelligence tools like decision support system, executive information system, data-mining, early warning system enable management to make better and timely decisions.

 With Newton ERP Software Compliance of policies and good practices becomes easy and smooth, even in case of organizations working with many business units at distant locations management can check any non-compliance or bad-practice immediately. This maintains uniformity in entire functioning and improves credibility of the company. Strict policy compliance and following good practices makes ERP improve company's business performance. Though enterprise resource planning does not help bringing in more business upfront but by improving internal functioning and enabling correct and timely decisions it certainly contributes in a big way to increase flow of business and profit margins.